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It is finite and its form of human transcendence (attunement), or selfovercoming, is grounded in existential finitude, thus it has a limited number of possibilities unique to its Being that it can enact.
Intervention is provided as early as possible to enable formation of therapeutic relationships, provision of vital information about the importance of early relationships and promotion of attunement and sensitive caregiving.
Seeing does not facilitate attuned space; quite the contrary, it shatters attunement by affixing the subject's perspective on specific objects.
My point of departure for making this claim is based upon Heidegger's account of attunement that purports to provide insight into the fundamental structures of existence.
The six themes that emerged from the narratives of the missionary participants were (a) agency attunement to missionary needs, (b) agency provision for missionary needs, (c) invested church partnership, (d) the impact of relationships, (e) missionaries' self-care, and (f) consistency of care across the missionary life-cycle.
Maher's unadorned reading nonetheless enabled the small audience of seminar participants to catch the rhythm of the performance, from concentration through tedium to something like attunement, accompanied by their own thoughts along with the rustle of paper and the scraping of chairs.
So what exactly is demand attunement? Whereas traditional energy policy is 'demand driven', such that both infrastructural development and the timing of availability are dictated by (projected) consumer demand, demand attunement holds that demand must become attuned both to the finite quantity of energy that can be produced using appropriate technologies and to the times and places where energy naturally flows.
global/cosmic interactions, energy fields of humans, pre, during and post the yaga, Yaga influence on water and level of attunement.
Pink not only talks about the need for "elasticity" in the jobs we hold, he also redefines the traditional ABCs of selling: from "Always Be Closing" to "Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity." Pink presents different ideas--how to make the change and how to rethink the "elevator pitch."
Likewise, Gracia's attunement with the pigments and forms of the picture plane, are too exclusively sensational.
the listening self in terms of a slow-paced attunement to the enduring