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AUBAINE, French law. When a foreigner died in France, the crown by virtue of a right called droit d'aubaine, formerly claimed all the personal property such foreigner had in France at the time of his death. This barbarous law was swept away by the French revolution of 1789. Vide Albinatus Jus. 1 Malleville's Analyse de la Discussion du Code Civil, pp. 26, 28 1 Toullier, 236, n. 265.

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A meal at Aubaine is sure to get you daydreaming about your trip to Paris, sitting in a cafe watching the world go by, soaking in all things French, all things leisurely.
Aubaine has continued to establish itself as a destination for casual-yet-elegant French dining in the Dubai food scene.
The second division of the maiden went to 33-1 chance Aubaine, who stepped up dramatically on her racecourse debut as she scored under Robert Havlin.
Aubaine Tymberly Canale Felicite Stacy Dawson Felicite Molly Hickok Virginie Cynthia Hopkins Farmer, Peddler, Guest David Neumann Words play only a minor role in the Classic Stage Co.'s production of experimental director Annie-B Parson's adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's "A Simple Heart," co-directed by Paul Lazar.
Une belle aubaine pour le public d'Agadir que d'abriter, encore une fois, des moments de profonde sublimite!
Une aubaine aussi pour l'industrie agroalimentaire nationale qui trouve une opportunite pour assurer son expansion.
What makes Aubaine special in comparison to its competitors in the market?
Il faut dire que pour ces vendeurs la place, ces temps-ci est une aubaine. Ils gagnent jusqu'a 10 fois plus qu'en temps ordinaire[beaucoup plus grand que] Rencherit-il d'une voix blasee.
Uo[beaucoup moins que]Cae1/4aoest une aubaine pour ceux qui veulent exporter.
Founded in London, Aubaine is known for its handcrafted bread, patisserie and smart casual service.