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Pittman's convincing re-dating of the Trouvaille de la statuette d'or to the late sukkalmah period--but also from the auctoritas of their authors that this Festschrift will be frequently cited.
The auctor is the one who produces, and whose production is authorized by his own auctoritas as auctor; at the same time, the auctor is the child of his works, and made famous by them.
In this rapidly changing state of research any project involving Josquin or his music--particularly a long-term and comprehensive one bearing the auctoritas of Oxford University Press--poses daunting challenges.
Yet the Bible does not only function as an external auctoritas in Preier.
Nicolo Rossi si rifaceva in parte a Quintiliano, il quale consiglia che le "sentenze" o gnomai non devono essere troppo frequenti, o usate da tutti i personaggi: "Magis enim decet eos, in quibus est auctoritas, ut rei pondus etiam persona confirmet.
In societate humana et coram quavis potestate publica ecclesia sibi vindicat libertatem, utpote auctoritas spiritualis, a Christo domino constituta, cui ex divino mandato incumbit officium eundi in mundum universum et evangelium praedicandi omni creaturae.
Some humanists were more ready than others to assert that they had just as much to say as the ancients; most seem to have been quite content to defer to the weighty auctoritas of Strabo in his Geographia and also--a new development in the Quattrocento--to Byzantine sources, such as the Synopsis Historiarum of Ioannes Skylitzes (ca.
108) Far from being a pater patriae, Cosimo is a "parricide, an assassin, and a fraud": his regime is not legitimated by auctoritas but rather by "power and presumption.
Authority, not as mere power, but in its original sense of auctoritas, authorship, a knowledge of what the story is all about, because of a relation to the author of the great drama.
This work was but the first part of what was to become one of the major literary productions of the Middle Ages; a production which would establish Albert as, according to his envious contemporary Roger Bacon, an auctoritas on equal footing with Avicenna, Averroes, and Aristotle himself.
Chapter iv looks at what are called the historian's credentials, largely reconstructed from prologues and epilogues (the establishment of truthfulness and thereby the auctoritas of vernacular writing in competition with Latin).
It seems that Demetrias has assumed some of the auctoritas that characterized Juliana and Proba, in that she has similarly "commissioned" from the author this epistle of ascetic counsel: "In this, holy virgin Demetrias, you have abased the honor of your rank (dignationem tuae dignitatis) to the point that you insist (exigas) that your progress be aided by my pen.