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AUDIENCE. A hearing. It is usual for the executive of a country to whom a minister has been sent, to give such minister an audience. And after a minister has been recalled, au audience of leave usually takes place.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Audience participation in news websites comes in various shapes and forms.
In this article, Operation Bounce Back acts as a useful case for developing a deliberately speculative account of how the management of audience participation impacts on the media-political process.
iLight concert brings audience participation to new level; you can now experience your own participation in the event by watching yourself create light sequences on the jumbotron.
Audience participation can often produce very little other than bashful giggles, and this reviewer herself was subject to much blushing having been plucked from the audience to participate.
De Las Casas, an author and storyteller, presents 25 adapted tales from a variety of countries that librarians, teachers, storytellers, and camp counselors can use with students in kindergarten through sixth grade to integrate audience participation. She explains how to tell a story, types and ways to encourage audience participation, audience management elements like eye contact and clear instructions, and warm-up and settle-down ideas.
Co-written and directed by Teller, the quieter half of the libertarian magic duo Penn &Teller, and starring Teller's co-author and fellow magician Todd Robbins, Play Dead is basically a 90-minute pseudo-seance, complete with audience participation.
Six original one-act plays will highlight The Edge series, with a focus on humour, music and even audience participation.
The Graham The Art on Norton Show Your Wall with Sue Perkins (10.35pm) Michael Palin, Dawn French and Rod Stewart join the host for the usual mix of celebrity chat and audience participation.
The stories that have been selected are repetitive with easy plots and audience participation. They are set out clearly with requirements, preparation and storytelling notes.
With a combination of unique magic tricks and audience participation, Livera noted M-A-G-I-C stands for Motivation, Attitude, Goals, Imagination and Caring.
Both TV broadcasters and advertisers can use live feeds and hot link campaign web sites right on the TV display on the phone to drive program interest, audience participation and -- of course -- impulse buying.
During this innovative session, we will examine some of the challenges and strategies used by faculty to work with students to maintain empathy and academic rigor in times of stress and disruption, and will invite audience participation to brainstorm ways to handle this challenge in the future.