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Washington, July 13 (ANI): U-M Medical School scientists have identified a gene mutation that causes a rare form of hearing loss known as auditory neuropathy.
Specific topics include the genetics of hearing loss, medical evaluation, newborn screening, hearing test protocols, behavioral observation audiometry for infants from birth to six moths and conditioned play audiometry for children older than two and a half, evaluation of children with special needs, middle-ear measurement, hearing aids, cochlear implants for infants and children, team approaches for management of hearing loss, education and access laws, educational placement options, multicultural children, parent counseling, teen counseling, and managing special considerations such as mild or unilateral hearing loss and cases of auditory neuropathy.
He was diagnosed at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospital with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder - which means his hearing organ, hearing nerve and brain are not synched together and so any hearing is distorted or absent.