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ELL. A measure of length. In old English the word signifies arm, which sense it still retains in the word elbow. Nature has no standard of measure. The cubit, the ell, the span, palm, hand, finger, (being taken from the individual who uses them) varies. So of the foot, pace, mile, or mille passuum. See Report on Weights and Measures, by the Secretary of State of the United. States, Feb. 22, 1821; Fathom.

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From his six-story box of glass, pilots said Aune knew how to calm the jitteriest aviators.
Aune is hardly alone in inventing, or grossly exaggerating, the supposed dominance of free-market thinking.
And with equal deftness, Aune fingers the trouble: "These principles of `economic correctness' are increasingly mouthed in the universities and especially in conservative think tanks, but their obvious long-term implications may strike ordinary Americans as horribly cruel.
Give Users plenty of warning: Claris moved to free-based support at an almost snail-like pace, says Aune.
Aune is an employment specialist at Job Service North Dakota where he developed several unique programs designed to assist veterans in finding fulfilling employment, including a program aimed at incarcerated veterans.
The memoir is Operation Babylift: Mission Accomplished, A Memoir of Hope and Healing, by Regina Aune and Aryn Lockhart.
Aune challenges us by raising many important questions: Arc we able to live and serve, free of agendas, for the needs of our neighbors?
You don't want to eat plants along the side of trails in public parks," said Emily Aune, leading a tour of edible plants in Hendricks Park on Sunday.
Meanwhile L aune Rangers failed to make the best of a bright start and slipped to a heavy 0-13 to 0-5 defeat to Mid Kerry in the other seim-final.
In Civil Rights Rhetoric and the American Presidency, Aune and Rigsby present the conference program as an edited collection.
PHIL Aune touched the lives of thousands of people over his 47 years as the voice of the Van Nuys Airport, though many probably didn't know it.
Technology workers earn an annual salary that is 66 percent higher than the state's average private sector worker," added Janice Aune, chairman and CEO of Onvoy; chair of MHTA's Board of Directors; and member of the AeA Board of Directors.