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Alpha Real Trust provides mezzanine finance to AURE, and the balance as at 31 August 2015 is GBP 9.
Para analizar los efectos del programa de entrenamiento en conciencia plena (mindfulness) sobre las variables evaluadas por el cuestionario AURE se utilizo un diseno, controlado y aleatorizado (cuasi-experimental), con un grupo experimental y un grupo control en lista de espera, con medicion pretest-postest.
Hundreds of music lovers were seen enjoying the instrumental music sessions by Takahero Aure and Camp Zuherman of Switzerland.
Aure remembers the men in her life with fondness and genuine nostalgia, while Hermance recalls hers with bitterness and ridicule.
171: "A Circaeis demum veluti poculis abstinentes, caveamus ne animus a sensibilibus speciebus illectus, ita sui in ipsis fixionem faciat, ut intelligibilis vitae privetur delitlis, vinoque affectuum corporeum et vulgaris authoriatatis (quae cum pulsaverit aures sine divino vel rationis lumine, non absque aeternae vitae discrimine in nobilissimum consensus nostri triclinium introducitur) ebrius, perpetuo in praesumptuoso ignorantiae domicilia titubando pernocter, ibidemque turbatae phantasiae velut insomniis exagitatus, amissis connatis alis inrelligentiac, proruar, et Protei contemplatus vultum, nunquam concinne formatam, in qua conquiescat, speciem inveniat.
Varios generales venezolanos recibieron por correo unas 140 pantaletas tras protestas debido al arresto del profesor universitario Pablo Aure, acusado de insultar a las fuerzas armadas porque escribio sobre los envios.
The revelation in late January followed free speech protests after the arrest of Pablo Aure.
The court plans to use the time to determine whether Pablo Aure should be subject to criminal defamation charges.
His strike made aure the league champions didn't end up as losers on the final day of a memorable season.
The arresting novelty of tacitaque inmurmurat aure depends on a combination of two things: first, the use of the local ablative with a verb implying motion and regularly constructed with in/ad and the accusative, or with the poetic dative of goal of motion (as at Th.
The editorial commentary in the new volume provides everything one has come to expect from the edition - full analyses of the early texts (including the deletions and restorations in the various editions of The Spanish Fryar published in Dryden's lifetime), plus extensive discussions of the sources and contexts, and substantial explanatory annotation - and the volume will constitute an obvious starting-point for all future considerations of this portion of Dryden's aure.
8) Aure et al(9) consider the group with borderline malignancy as having benign disease that comprises approximately 40% of all nonmalignant mucinous tumors.