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The Congress has criticised the state government for giving austerity measures a miss and said the chief minister, who presented himself as the common naive person, has betrayed the people of the state.
The government, she added, will continue efforts to push the austerity measures through a Congress that has been reluctant to approve them.
Yet this year it will become the first country that faced collapse to beat its pre-crisis peak of economic output and will have done so without imposing austerity measures on its citizens.
Greece has said that the country is under pressure from creditors to impose new austerity measures.
David Bull, the executive director of UNICEF UK, said the charity was calling for an immediate review of the impact austerity measures were having on children, suggesting that worse was to come.
Germany is showing clemency to France regarding austerity measures, Reuters reported on Thursday.
In a joint news conference on Friday, representatives from the 19 organisations told reporters their aim was to showcase the public's anger against austerity measures and government policies
Trade union representatives said that strict austerity measures lead to the destruction of the social rights they have secured.
5 million adults in the UK are at risk of living in poverty by 2020 if ministers continue to pursue austerity measures.
5million adults in the UK are at risk of poverty by 2020 if ministers continue to push through austerity measures.
We have not worked out the details, how the austerity measures or the conservation mission will have to be launched," Moily told NDTV news channel.
WOMEN in the North East are being hit hardest by the Government's austerity measures, claims a study in the region.