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Reactions have continued to trail the austerity regime.
And as incomes drop in the austerity regime - via pay freezes, welfare cuts, rising rents, escalating costs of living - it is women, especially mothers, who are invited/compelled to make up the shortfall, to make the money go further, to do more with less.
Demanding that teachers produce high scores on large-scale tests under the current austerity regime is a nightmare worthy of Franz Kafka.
The increase in the use of process improvement software follows the implementation of an austerity regime by the UK government to cut spending in some areas by up to 28% over four years.
Ostensibly a rationale of improving what we have, rather than splashing cash on costly new projects, it seemed to chime with Chancellor George Osborne's austerity regime.
The quarterly review by the mission from the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund is the first since the Socialist government committed itself to a tough austerity regime in May in order to access the 110-billion-euro loan and avert a looming debt default.
At last, the EU, in concert with the IMF, put together a stabilisation package of 750 billion euros for the weaker European economies, requiring them to live under an austerity regime over several years.
What remains of the working-class city is increasingly an austerity regime, with entire neighborhoods terrorized by occupying police forces and the gangster cadres of the informal economy.
That's the Conservative equivalent of sticking up two fingers at the British public - the same people told to like or lump his party's austerity regime in policies he voted for.