AUTER. Another. This word is frequently used in composition, us auter droit, auter vie, auter action, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Seven items adapted from Auter (2007) measured frequency of phone app use (7-point scale): camera, text messaging, games, music, utility (e.g., calculator) three-way calling, and voicemail.
Hamas Elmasry, Auter, and Peuchaud (2014) also compared self-disclosure, but among students from Egypt, Qatar, and U.S., finding clear cultural predictors of level and content of self-disclosure.
And just half (53%) believe their major will lead to a good job" (Busteed & Auter, 2018).
Where D reads "he lieth on the auter atte masse" (fol.
This process involves identifying with social cues created by lyrics, onstage banter, or online messaging that cohesively connects the artist with the fan (Auter and Palmgreen 2000, Kassing and Sanderson 2009).
According to Auter (2007), the low level of being comfortable in interpersonal communication results in using mobile phone to purposefully avoid real world conversations (especially group communications).
For instance, John Mirk identifies this work as a point of distinction between priests and angels, noting that priests "shcal haue of Goddys 3yfte here in erjae Jaat he (3) af neuer angel in heven, Jaat is, to make Goddys body." (35) In the Festial, Mirk characterizes consecration as a "making" of the body of Christ: the "sacrament of Cristes body Jaat is makyd on Joe auter be vertu of Jae holy wordys Jaat Joe prest sayth jaer and be worchyng of Joe Holy Gost." (36) In Christ's institution of the sacrament, Mirk argues, Christ first made his own body, a power he gave to the disciples as well as to all priests: "bus he tok bredde and wyne and makyd hys owne flesse and blode ...
(43) The bishop, moreover, concludes the host procession when he 'entre[s] pe chyrche and lay pe Ost on pe auter' (865 sd), indicating a possible third use of the table space--first, as the site of material bread and wine; second, as an altar for a parodic consecration; and lastly, as the home of the restored host.
Auter, "Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya Framing of the Israel-Palestine Conflict During War and Calm Periods" [750-768]