AUTER. Another. This word is frequently used in composition, us auter droit, auter vie, auter action, &c.

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Tenders Are Invited For Proposedrepairing Of A+B+C Toilet Block Atgajangi Hall Inner Auter Side And Bckside Kondwara In Ward No.
Auter (1992) found that both repeated encounters and direct communication with audience members increased engagement intimacy.
According to Auter (2007), the low level of being comfortable in interpersonal communication results in using mobile phone to purposefully avoid real world conversations (especially group communications).
35) In the Festial, Mirk characterizes consecration as a "making" of the body of Christ: the "sacrament of Cristes body Jaat is makyd on Joe auter be vertu of Jae holy wordys Jaat Joe prest sayth jaer and be worchyng of Joe Holy Gost.
yf I hadde eton as moche as thou haste eton I shulde not be an hungered as I trowe in many dayes And thanne seyde cristen man Uere nichil comedie For southe quod he I ete no mete this day thanne seyde the iewe Ego uidi te comedere puerum pulcherrimum qualem sacerdos eleuauit ad altare I sawe the ete a childe the whiche the preste helde vp at the auter Et tunc uenit pulcherrimus homo habens multos pueros in gremio suo.
Auter, "Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya Framing of the Israel-Palestine Conflict During War and Calm Periods" [750-768]
Afinal, a parte da relacao juridica marcada pelo elemento fiduciario necessariamente se coloca em uma posicao de maior vulnerabilidade, sujeitando-se aos possiveis efeitos nocivos do comportamento do auter.
Auter (2007) noted concerning cell phones, "Along with this technology comes the opportunity to strengthen some interpersonal communication bonds while avoiding others" (p.
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AP) -- When Cortney Auter graduated from college and landed a job in her field of choice, she thought her "adult" life was starting off pretty good.
An diesem Termin waren auter der Vorsitzenden des Publications Committees nur die Redakteurin Maureen Buja und Thomas Kalk (D) als Mitglied des Editorial Boards anwesend.
668 Plus en apres leva sa main E treit le veil hors de son sein E sur le auter offrir le vait, Puis de sa main vers li le trait 672 E sur son chief le veil ad mis E atache e bien asis [Fol.