Authentic act

AUTHENTIC ACT, civil law, contracts, evidence. The authentic act is that which has been executed before a notary or other public officer authorized to execute such functions, or which is testified by a public seal, or has been rendered public by the authority of a competent magistrate, or which is certified as being a copy of a public register. Nov. 73, c. 2; Code, 7, 52; 6; Id. 4, 21; Dig. 22, 4.
     2. In Louisiana, the authentic act, as it relates to contracts, is that which has been executed before a notary public or other officer authorized to execute such functions, in presence of two witnesses, free, male, and aged at least fourteen years, or of three witnesses, if the party be blind. If the party does not know how to sign, the notary must cause him to affix his mark to the instrument. Civil Code of Lo., art. 2231.
     3. The authentic act is full proof of the agreement contained in it, against the contracting parties and their. heirs or assigns, unless it be declared and proved to be a forgery. Id. art. 2233. Vide Merl. Rep. h.t.

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The recodification of the Louisiana Civil Code emancipation articles provides for three types of emancipation: "judicial emancipation, emancipation by marriage, and limited emancipation by authentic act.
Theatregoers claimed they had been "conned" but bosses at the Corporation Street venue said the authentic act was "inappropriate in a modern multicultural society".
For example, preprinted forms of living trusts are not valid in Louisiana because the Louisiana Trust Code requires that all trusts be in authentic act form.
A recurring theme is that only by the "explicit and authentic act of the whole people" (George Washington's phrase in his 1796 Farewell Address to refer to formal Constitutional amendment) can fundamental change endure.
is concerned that such an understanding of obsequium can sever obedience from an authentic act of faith that admits of varying degrees of commitment, and he commends an understanding of reception as "assimilation [of teaching] into the life of the church" (140).
A 302-mile trip up from George Baker's Hampshire yard proved worthwhile for 2-5 favourite Mawsem, who was a ready winner of the maiden hurdle, while Authentic Act scored a fourth course success in a 2m1/2f chase marred by the fatal falls of Best Horse and Troodos Jet.
Martin Todhunter has his horses in good form and the well-backed Authentic Act did his stuff in the selling hurdle in the hands of Michael O'Connell, who is effectively carving out a career riding over jumps and on the Flat.
The Council of European Union Notary Publics (CNUE) welcomes in a press release the European Parliament's recommendations to the European Commission for the creation of a European authentic act (see page 6).
As Europeans are moving in the EU more and more, the EP wants to facilitate the task by creating a European Authentic Act.
all the authentic acts are written by one of the notaries of the adm (promises of sale, deeds of sale, authentic deeds .
The text applies the principle of mutual recognition to legal decisions and transactions, as well as to authentic acts to facilitate their circulation through member states.
As I recall the anniversary of Wesley's birth, I give thanks for his reminder that faith is a matter of the heart with the power to transform fear through authentic acts of love.