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They also noted that under the existing authorisation procedure (Directive 2001/18/CE) it is possible to take account of specific local characteristics and management measures, or even adapted restrictions.
There was no strong opposition to the proposal at this stage but several delegations felt it important to keep a national eye on authorisation procedures.
The EP had particularly asked for clarification on the new European authorisation procedure for food additives, enzymes, flavourings and reinforced protection for consumers.
On imports, the EU text would oblige member states to verify that the country of import has also issued the relevant authorisation procedure.
Lastly, on "sensitive and/or protected territories," the text confirms that existing Community law allows the introduction of "particular measures that can include a prohibition, within the framework of the authorisation procedure, on the basis of an assessment of the risk to the environment based on information transmitted by authorisation applicants and the member states, to ensure the protection of biodiversity in fragile ecosystems such as Natura 2000 sites".
This derogation was extended to a limited number of specific-use sporting rifles and sporting pistols, subject to authorisation procedures.
A single European system for registration of carriers of radioactive materials may soon replace national reporting and authorisation procedures.
The Regulation amends the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use (Directive 2001/83/EC) and the Regulation setting out the Community authorisation procedures for medicinal products (No 726/2004).
Stephen Docherty, policy officer for Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said: "Bureaucracy, expensive compliance costs and lengthy authorisation procedures are stopping most of our service providers from trading in Europe.
The core function of the new Competence Centre is to carry out centralised registration and authorisation procedures of all the substances produced or imported by the company within the European Union area, as required by REACH.