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The operator shall ensure the transport of authorized persons, including the transport of smaller loads and co-luggage of authorized persons.
In addition, the authorized person and the licensed firm in the home jurisdiction should be responsible for the content of the research report.
Riyadh, Muharram 3, 1433, Nov 28, 2011, SPA - The Capital Market Authority (CMA) has called upon investors in securities to limit their dealings to CMA Authorized Persons and to be cautious and not deal with persons who are not authorized by the CMA to conduct securities business -whether they are individuals or institutions.
SB 528 adds a definition of "legally authorized person" to F.S.
Alton Sturtevant points out that, "CLIA '88 states that tests may only be ordered by or reported to authorized persons. They define authorized persons as individuals authorized under state law to order or receive test results."
Given the social significance of the institutions that received livestock products with expired shelf life (district hospitals), registration at the Federal State Institution of Mercury of the authorized person of the Baraba district hospital, which performed the registration of EMD, is blocked for 6 months.
The test requisition form (|Sec~493.1105) must include the patient's name or unique identifier; the name and address or identifier of the physician or other authorized person requesting the test; and, if appropriate, the individual responsible for utilizing the test result.
It works by covering up one of the system's case screws so that only an authorized person with a key or combination can gain access to the inside of your computer.
The application must be signed by a person who has the right, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, to act on behalf of the Supplier without a power of attorney, or an authorized person on the basis of a power of attorney (hereinafter - an authorized person).
An authorized person's passage is verified, while a person who is denied passage is reversed out of the door.
attach a commercial offer to Bidding 99326 in the form of a scanned copy on company letterhead signed by an authorized person and in the .doc format (the form of the commercial offer is available as part of the RFP and is attached to this notice).
An authorized person of one of the electoral headquarters of incumbent president, candidate for president Serzh

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