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In response to a refocus on authorship in IceTV Pty Ltd v Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd ('IceTV'), (2) both Telstra Corporation Ltd v Phone Directories Co Pry Ltd ('Phone Directories') (3) and Acohs Pty Ltd v Ucorp Pty Ltd ('Acohs') (4) have pronounced certain computer-produced output as authorless.
He tends to redirect, staging installations off-site in locations--rented storefronts, studio spaces, a two-story house on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles--whose anonymity is an appealing criterion for this passionate collector of the authorless. Some of Ruppersberg's past works are simulations of life (a smoky cafe, a bustling hotel, a quiet travel agency) that simultaneously propose "life" as their subject, with its paperwork, its logistics, its surprising twists, plan outlined in manuscript: police kill writer on way to rob bank, reads a framed headline in Art, 1982.
Moreover, insofar as the riving of the land takes place solely when the river is beside itself, the automatic, authorless inscription described in this passage also bears some resemblance to the writing of "Das Belebende" itself.
SA: Majnun Layla provided the occasion to talk about adaptation, variation, and the "authorless" nature of folk stories.
McCutcheon, 'Curing the Authorless Void: Protecting
These teachers work within decentered, mashed-up, or authorless open forms just as easily as they currently work within closed forms.
If we are to point out our experience, it is in a certain way a new form of subjectivity, which has become utilized in a sense as an authorless experience.
"Folk music is essentially authorless and thus the individual becomes insignificant in the holistic rendition of music."" -Sambhav Bohra?Founder, De Kulture Share on facebook Tweet this
As for authorial autonomy and responsibility, television production is not authorless but should be understood as a dialogic site (Sandeen & Compesi, 1990), where a hierarchy of creative and corresponding moral responsibilities applies.
Gitelman, on the other hand, sketches out a history of the document, which she sees as a form of text that is inherently authorless but which, through its essential role in our daily lives and its close connection to copying, manages to embody the modern condition.
Swarna's adaptation of the traditional demonic face invites us into a new context in which we are no longer faced with an anonymous, authorless event, but one that is authored and therefore singular, which allows the pictorial narrative to develop in ways that are unprecedented.
In this project, I wanted to challenge the hegemony of authorless, powerful civic maps through the collaborative creation of performative maps that could disidentify with this civic strategy, and in so doing might positively reorient others to do the same.