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By using AutoTrace, companies help protect against costly downtimes caused by software bugs and crashes and the even more costly loss of customers and sales.
AutoTrace provides a "black box" or "flight data recorder" for software products to identify and quickly resolve defects.
1) For purposes of comparing growth rates for each of the three principal areas of our business, the above non-GAAP table reconciliations exclude revenues related to the AutoTrace product lines divested in November2008, as well as revenues related to Xenogen Biosciences Corporation which was divested in December 2009.
With the advanced digitizing and autotrace capabilities available in the new product, digitizing operations can be completed faster -- nearly 300% faster -- allowing us to more efficiently pinpoint areas with significant pipeline vulnerabilities," continued Nzewi.
A comprehensive range of display, editing and selection tools such as autoscrolling, autotrace, transparent fill patterns, automatic labeling, True Type symbols and many others provide superb presentation capability.