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AUTOCRACY. The name of a government where the monarch is unlimited by law. Such is the power of the emperor of Russia, who, following the example of his predecessors, calls himself the autocrat of all the Russias.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"An autocracy is not prevalent, as they would like everyone to believe.
New York [U.S.A], July 28 ( ANI ): Pakistani social media buffs, who are often known for storming out on Facebook and Twitter over critical issues, have become quiet on authorities' autocracy fearing arrest.
This is the first time Western countries are facing an autocracy built by a democratically elected government as opposed to the autocracies established by military governments in the past.
The clashes illustrated ill feelings that still run high between rival groups trying to shape the new Egypt after decades of autocracy.
YARMOUTH: 2.10 Ajmany, 2.40 Tiger Sunset, 3.10 Excellent Jem, 3.40 Autocracy, 4.10 Strada Facendo, 4.40 Tis Rock 'N' Roll, 5.10 Camera Shy.
The lessons of the traditional state school and the judgmental concept of a despotic autocracy have to a large extent been left behind.
Experts make remarks that there is an attempt for autocracy inside the Albanian parties that punishes everyone who thinks differently and functions according to the principle--"the leader said so".
of Notre Dame) presents a cross-disciplinary exploration of how representations of the episode have informed the formation of Mexican cultural and political identity and have been deployed as symbols of the downfall of autocracy. She discusses the visual culture and opposition press under Maximilian, painter Edouard Manet's Execution of Maximilian series, the film Juarez, and Fernando del Paso's novel Noticias del Imperio.
Nap of the day Autocracy 3.40 Ffos Las William Haggas's colt showed plenty of promise in three outings in maidens last term and there are legitimate excuses for both of his disappointing runs this year.
Taylor Swift has said she believes America is being "gaslighted" and that Donald Trump thinks his presidency is an autocracy.
The researchers, Nejat Anbarci, a Professor of Economics at Durham University Business School, and Professor Mehmet Ulubasoglu and Dr Muhammad Habibur Rahman, reviewed data from the years 1950-2009, which measured every single country's polity score - an international analysis tool which evaluates the strength of a country's democratic system, from autocracy to democracy.
Her contact is [emailprotected] DIGITAL AUTOCRACY: Repressive African regimes are increasingly applying "digital autocracy", says Tom Mwiraria.