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AUTOCRACY. The name of a government where the monarch is unlimited by law. Such is the power of the emperor of Russia, who, following the example of his predecessors, calls himself the autocrat of all the Russias.

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According to Engelstein, the reformers formed the basis of a budding bourgeoisie and civil society frustrated by an autocracy that refused to limit its authority through the rule of law.
Both groups supported Stolypin's emphasis on law and property as the pillars of order and the only bases for meaningful reform of autocracy.
The US and certain western countries' behaviors are very ridiculous," Larijani said, adding, "Those countries which were the main elements behind autocracy and pressure on the Tunisian nation are today playing a sympathizing role for that nation.
The Iranian president further pointed to growing vigilance among the Iraqi people, and expressed confidence that members of the former Baathist regime could never return to power and autocracy would never be seen in Iraq again.
According to Milkias (former Expert for History and Information in the Administration Department of the Ministry of Defense of Emperor Haile Selassie's government) the influence of Western forms of education in the modernizing autocracy of Haile Selassie's Ethiopia played a crucial role in the development of the political forces that eventually led to his overthrow in the early 1970s.
Ireland is turning into an autocracy, ruled by an unrepresentative gang intent on depriving the people of their voice and rights.
The Ming dynasty (1368-1644) is often considered the high point of autocracy in Chinese history, says Schneewind (history, U.
Put together, it is an epic story following a group of friends who come of age under the Tsarist autocracy of Nicholas I.
Russia in the nineteenth century; autocracy, reform, and social change, 1814-1914.
Explaining the failure of democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo; autocracy and dissent in an ambivalent world.
Nonetheless, power has unfolded itself through different forms of "regimes" across human history, from dictatorship to autocracy, to oligarchy to even democracy.
He noted that all the actors in Kuwait's Autocracy Street, written by Fatema Al-Amer and directed by Ali Bader, are young people.