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AUTOCRACY. The name of a government where the monarch is unlimited by law. Such is the power of the emperor of Russia, who, following the example of his predecessors, calls himself the autocrat of all the Russias.

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Faiz concluded that since China is a socialist dictatorship country, it cannot support Yameen for his autocratic rule and might be open to persuading him to step back.
Then there are the anti-federalists, those who deeply believe in the 1987 Constitution and fear that any charter change process will be hijacked by traditional politicians, vested interests and, even worse, dictators-in-the-making, who are eager to remove constitutional safeguards against autocratic rule.
Lee's work does not displace current theories of democratisation or authoritarian transition, but it does give new insights into how autocratic rule can break down in Asia or in certain cases, continue to be upheld by the incumbent regime.
The move comes amid a growing perception that Mubarak's once hated regime is being rehabilitated, and that the uprising that ended his three decades of autocratic rule was a foreign plot to destabilise Egypt.
The sudden emergence of an ex-general as a genuine contender has turned Indonesia's presidential election into a clash between the old guard who flourished under decades of autocratic rule and a new generation representing the fledgling democracy.
The Nepali nation has suffered autocratic rule for years and made many sacrifices to introduce democracy in the country.
The conflict in Syria, which started with mass protests against the autocratic rule of Bashar Al-Assad and spiralled into a full-scale armed conflict, recently entered its fourth year.
She stressed "that neither continuing uncertainty nor a drift towards autocratic rule would be acceptable to the EU and that it is therefore ready to consider appropriate measures should the poll on 16 November not bring the electoral process to a successful conclusion.
Mass protests have been calling for democracy and an end to the monarchy's autocratic rule.
It also served as a hub for opposition activists who were among the first to stage peaceful protests against Assad's autocratic rule in Dar in March 2011.
The latest developments in Egypt are the result of months of frustration of the people who feel the revolution that overthrew the autocratic rule of Mubarak has been hijacked by another autocratic rule in an Islamist disguise.
Like countries in which institutional knowledge has atrophied during a period of autocratic rule, countries that have had long histories of autocracy will need time to build and develop human and social capital appropriate to democratic institutions.