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AUTOCRACY. The name of a government where the monarch is unlimited by law. Such is the power of the emperor of Russia, who, following the example of his predecessors, calls himself the autocrat of all the Russias.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'As India celebrates its day of becoming so called Republic, its autocratic rule over Kashmir goes on!
The unified opposition group is made up of some 30 organisations and political parties calling for electoral reform and freedom in the media -- measures that they believe are vital to stop Vucic's slip toward autocratic rule.
Vucic, a hardline nationalist-turned-European, is accused by the opposition and civic society of having established autocratic rule and full control over media, using them to campaign against opponents.
A democracy activist during the Maldives' decades of autocratic rule and former Parliament majority leader, Solih, 56, became the Maldivian Democratic Party's presidential candidate by process of elimination -- other opposition leaders had been jailed or exiled by Yameen's government.
But under the autocratic rule of Vladimir Putin, the Russians have been fed for years on a Autocratic Putin media diet of fear and suspicion about a US-led strategy of "encirclement" by the nation's enemies.
David Dimbleby talks to an assorted mix of Putin supporters, while opposition protestors, lawyers and journalists reveal the ruthlessness and extent of the Kremlin's autocratic rule.
'Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be disintegrated, only the RS entity can be dissolved under Dodik's autocratic rule.
For Pakistan to survive and prosper it must revert to Quaid's vision of a modern democratic welfare with no space for autocratic rule.
This has allowed local leaders to consolidate their autocratic rule in a country, while another person "supposedly" takes charge to oversee that country's overall development.
1939 - In Bombay, Mohandas Gandhi, above, begins a hunger strike in protest at the autocratic rule in British India.
He blamed ODM rivals for the allegations saying the claims are meant to divert the party's attention from the struggle for electoral justice and against the entrenchment of autocratic rule.
Scholars working in comparative autocracy research in Europe, the US, and Latin America consider what makes autocratic regimes prone to crisis; why some encounter crisis, while others do not; common patterns of vulnerability across different autocratic regimes; whether there are parallels in the structures and functions that stabilize or destabilize autocratic rule; and the roles of actors in the emergence of crises.