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For Le Doeuff, the model of autodidacticism that Suchon proposes is a much better epistemic model than consumption, which assumes that we can completely assimilate morsels of knowledge.
He commits himself to moral and spiritual autodidacticism, but it is a self-regeneration not entirely in biblical terms, as Mrs.
Because Parini is both a novelist (The Last Station, Benjamin's Crossing) and a biographer (John Steinbeck, Robert Frost), he knows how to speed us on our way--past ancestor worship and autodidacticism, Mississippi and New Orleans, Hollywood and Stockholm, farms and boats.
She finds that Cervantes wholeheartedly depended on the autodidacticism of a bookish character searching for a new direction for what the author believed was the prototypical "historia maravillosa, imaginativa.
There were a number of parallel developments: the renewed recourse which the emerging middle classes had to the public meeting as a means of forcing their voice into the conduct of local affairs, the rapid development of urban associational life governed by what Bob Morris has described as subscriber democracy, (40) the new attention devoted to the establishment of institutions of rational recreation for different segments of urban society, the rapid spread of radical sub-cultures of autodidacticism and agitation, and the explosion of religious public speaking prompted by responses to the new challenges of urban irreligion at home, and savage paganism abroad.
The paper explains that the Appalachian project investigated the effects the widespread stereotype of Appalachian illiteracy has had on Appalachian literacy learners; while the North Dakota study is going to focus on cases of autodidacticism, looking at the role of reading and writing in self-education.
Rosemary Chapman, in an article entitled 'Autodidacticism and the Desire for Culture' has argued that 'the phenomenon of autodidacticism in 1930s texts cannot be seen independently of the class bias both of the provision of education and of subsequent access to culture'.
Pepper's pedantic and indiscriminate autodidacticism is the main target of Woolf's irony, but the episode also establishes that Rachel remains relatively detached from masculine" epistemological structures, hierarchies, and habits of thought.

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