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has developed lightweight free of particle generation metal composite automotive brakes, engineered from reinforced aluminum and titanium.
Friction products included in the above mentioned areas are brake shoes, brake pads, discs, automotive brakes, brake lining and drum brake.
The final agreed deal resulted in the sale of the business and its assets to Nisshinbo Holdings, a Tokyo-based group which has interests in a number of industries, including textiles, papers, mechatronics, chemicals, electronics and automotive brakes. The combination of Nisshinbo and TMD has created the world's largest automotive brake friction manufacturers with combined revenues of more than EUR1bn and more than 6,000 employees.
A statement to the Stock Exchange yesterday read: "The company currently has a number of significant commercial opportunities in two of its four primary markets, namely automotive brakes and clutches and aircraft brakes, and it is in various, advanced stages of negotiating development and supply agreements with major companies who operate in both of these markets.

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