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Downing's leap is in many respects a brilliant extension of the innovative work of autonomists such as Lazzarato, Mario Tronti, Paolo Virno, and Antonio Negri, analysts and activists who have done more to level the divide between "mental and manual labor" or "material and immaterial labor" than any other collective (Lazzarato 134).
In the first days of January 1919 opponents of unification stirred autonomist tribes to rebel and besiege Cetinje and other towns, prompting brief but bloody confrontations with the Serbian army and pro-Serbian militias.
While autonomist protests went silent during the week of Mesa's resignation, many sites of indigenous protest stayed noisy and labor unions vowed to continue their protests against the government.
First, the processes that move people into one location or another within the locus-specialization space are fundamentally relational; they become militias, autonomists, zealots, conspirators, or ordinary militants--and sometimes switch among those forms of interaction--through shifting social relations.
However if the existing opposition to fluoridation can be enhanced through increasing personal skills and creating supportive community actions, drawing on the evidence that any beneficial reductions in dental caries should be considered against the harm from increased dental fluorosis, then the autonomists and beneficists might yet change Government policies.
As the classical autonomists are right to emphasize, areas of overlapping powers create political spaces in which the provinces are subordinate to the federal government.
In Puerto Rico, following a very brief honeymoon during which both factions of the old autonomists welcomed the invading troops, tensions arose between the military authorities and the Federalist Party of Munoz Rivera.
During the 1890s, then, Liberal Autonomists began to develop a new discourse about the plebeian men, particularly urban artisans, who they hoped to incorporate into an active political constituency.
Having neutralized the lieutenant governor as a threat from Ottawa, the provincial autonomists then set out to capture him as a trophy for their cause.
All the main political parties, including the Union for Democracy and Social Progress and the Katanguese autonomists, have sided with the army against the "invasion" and have pledged funds to sustain the war effort.
That those standards do not involve moral considerations, moreover, can be supported, autonomists argue, by noting that moral assessment cannot be an appropriate measure of artistic value, since not all artworks possess a moral dimension.
Despite support from major political figures like Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Henry Cabot Lodge, Samuel Gompers, and Woodrow Wilson, these legislative initiatives languished until electoral gains by the autonomists in the early 1910s forced the hand of U.