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On the other hand, Hendrie said that Nungak wants funding to be administered directly by the new autonomous government of Nunavik.
AaAaAa For his part, president of the autonomous government of Aragon, Marcelino Iglesias, said that the agreement will encourage Spanish businessmen operating in the field of logistics to gain a foothold in the north African country.
base in the region's territories by virtue of an agreement between the autonomous government in Arbil and Baghdad's central government.
The Panama Canal Authority, the autonomous government agency that runs the canal, says the project will double capacity of a waterway already on pace to generate about US$1.
He gave the Bougainville autonomous government as an example of the kind of self-government that GAM wants.
The Palestinian autonomous government hopes to open a representative office in Japan since the country is a major donor to the Palestinian Authority, Nabil Shaath, minister of planning and international cooperation, said Wednesday in Tokyo.
Centre de Telecomunicacions de la Generalitat de Catalunya (CTGC) is a legally independent public body and is the operator of the corporate network of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.
The joint statement said the two sides had discussed "fiscal autonomy and administration of justice," as well as the issue of budget transfers from the national government to the proposed Muslim autonomous government during the closed door talks in the southern city of Davao.
President Benigno Aquino has staked his leadership and a great deal of political capital on the creation of a Bangsamoro regional autonomous government by 2016 through a plebiscite to be held next year.
AaAa Ameur, who is on a working visit to Spain, met earlier with the President of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia JosE[umlaut] Antonio Grinan and the Vice-Secretary General of the Andalusian General Union of Workers.
Summary: Morocco's proposal to grant broad autonomy to the Kingdom's Southern Provinces, the Sahara, is a "bold initiative that must be supported," said, Friday, the former president of the autonomous government of the Canary Islands, Lorenzo Olarte Cullen.

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