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RAMALLAH/BEIJING: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that he will take "unprecedented steps" to end the political division between his West Bank-based autonomous government and the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.
The transitional autonomous government involves the division of Syria's Kurdish region into three areas, each with its own local assembly, as well as representatives to a regional executive body.
Philippine Muslim rebel leader Al Haj Murad Ebrahim appealed Saturday for assistance from Japan and other countries as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front prepares to launch an autonomous government on Mindanao under an agreement reached earlier this month with the government in Manila.
Summary: President of the autonomous government of the Canary Islands said, on Friday in Rabat, that his government supports a solution to the Sahara issue "under an agreement.
Petaquilla representatives recently met with members of the Andalusian Autonomous Government in order to settle the final details regarding the launch of commercial mining operations at Lomero-Poyatos.
He said that 458 plots have been allotted to employees of autonomous and semi autonomous government and public sector organizations while 329 plots have been allotted to the employees of the eligible professionals of constitutional bodies as per allocated quota and 112 plots have been allotted to widows of those employees who died during service.
Twenty-one substantive articles are included on such topics as relevant case law of the UN Human Rights Committee for minorities and peoples in the Arctic, the protection of indigenous peoples to territory through the property rights provisions of human rights instruments, the status and role of indigenous peoples in Arctic international governance, the creation of autonomous government in Nunavik (Canada), the historical basis of Saami land rights in Finland, fisheries governance and social-discourse in Iceland, and intergenerational equity and the Antarctic treaty system.
The deal called for the creation of an autonomous government for the Bangsamoro people.
4m) credit facility to the Valencia autonomous government, daily Cinco Dias said.
The credit of establishing autonomous government in GB, providing constitutional right and establishing GB council goes to President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Wattoo added.
A 2005 peace agreement that ended a bloody 21-year civil war between Sudan's mostly Muslim north and predominantly animist and Christian south set up a unity government in the capital, Khartoum, as well as an autonomous government in the south.
New Delhi, June 7 (ANI): The Tibetan autonomous government will work with local tourist companies investing huge amounts of money to further develop the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon tourist area into a world-class top tourist spot, Xinhua News reports.

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