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EQUINOX. The name given to two periods of the year when the days and nights are equal; that is, when the space of time between the rising and setting of the sun is one half of a natural day. Dig. 43, 13, 1, 8. Vide Day.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Ahead of this year's event, Jax said: "We always dip close to the autumn equinox in order to mark the transition from summer to winter.
Penella Bee marks the Autumn Equinox at Druridge Bay in Nothumberland ahead of the annual North East Skinny Dip
SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 22 Autumn equinox is upon us, and being a little introspective or perhaps more selective about where you spend your free time, might feel right.
-- Wildlife Pete (@WildlifePete) aoao [euro][euro] [euro][logical not]aa[euro] [euro]y[euro]i aoaaaia* A new Google Doodle was launched on Monday to mark the autumn equinox. Google says that Monday's 12-hour day is the case nearly "everywhere in the world" as the sun crosses the equator.
This year September 22 is the day of the autumn equinox (it is always around this date) in the northern hemisphere, when night and day are nearly of the same length.
September's full moon is not the usual 'harvest moon', as the harvest moon is always the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which occurs on September 22.
Then the day occurs when the times are equal again, called the autumn equinox, and fall becomes winter.
Whereas the Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the autumn equinox, the Hunter's Moon is the next full moon after the Harvest Moon.
This usually happens around the Autumn Equinox in September and the Spring Equinox in March.
So if you're smart, my advice is DON'T throw open wide your window until the autumn equinox arrives.