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Aiding; ancillary; subordinate; subsidiary.

Auxiliary or ancillary administration is the management and settlement of property belonging to a decedent that is not located where he or she was domiciled. It is subordinate to the principal or domiciliary administration of the decedent's property that occurs in the state where the individual was domiciled. Auxiliary administration ensures that any local creditors will be paid before the out-of-state property will be transferred for distribution under domiciliary administration.



See: abettor, accompanying, additional, adjunct, affiliate, appurtenance, appurtenant, associate, backer, clerical, coactor, coadjutant, cohort, collateral, colleague, confederate, consociate, contributor, contributory, copartner, expedient, expendable, inferior, instrumental, ministerial, nonessential, participant, pendent, reinforcement, secondary, slight, stopgap, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary, substitute, supplementary, unnecessary
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Robert is a Life member of the VFW Post and his wife, Frances, is a Life member and secretary of the auxiliary.
Call 210-223-9461 and ask for the "Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary testimonial room block.
Table 3 shows the minimum auxiliary load when the engine is idling and all driver controlled accessories are in the off position.
2007) suggested using a catch-effort likelihood as an auxiliary where the annual harvest numbers are modeled as binomial, random variables as a function of the unknown total abundance in year i(i.
Founded in 1950, Junior Auxiliary is one of the more than 100 chapters of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries of Greenville, Miss.
Eamonn Walsh, Auxiliary Bishop in Dublin since 1990 and was privy to many sickening accounts of clerical sex abuse.
Examination of the wreckage revealed the auxiliary fuel pump switch was in the off position.
The Piano Technicians Guild Auxiliary supports and encourages the PTG, its mission and its members.
Anderson's monograph is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive study of inflectional patterns of auxiliary verb constructions to date.
People tossed lilies--of various colors onto the coffin--the late bishop had dearly loved lilies--and the auxiliary bishop tossed down a handful of dirt, saying, in his singsong way, And God formed ye of the dust of the ground, and breathed into thy nostrils the breath of life, and so ye became a living soul, and now ye return unto the ground, for out of it wast thou taken, for dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return.
Distortions in VAT recovery can also arise where a fully taxable business makes an auxiliary exempt supply, e.