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High School College Complications Athlete Athlete Discontinued sports participation 3 4 Discontinued sports participation permanently 1 1 Sustained a re-injury upon return to sports 5 5 Developed elevated blood glucose 1 2 Developed avascular necrosis of the bone 0 0 Developed a soft tissue infection 0 0 Developed other complications 4 4
In more advanced stages of avascular necrosis, however, total hip replacement remains the most reliable surgical technique to relieve pain and reestablish function.
In humans, avascular necrosis results primarily from three factors: radiation exposure, bismuth poisoning and decompression syndrome.
1) Avascular necrosis of the femoral head due to obstruction of the blood vessels may also occur in individuals with BD.
Total hip replacement is indicated for joint disease resulting from degenerative, rheumatoid, avascular necrosis and correction of functional deformity.
This may contribute to avascular necrosis and fixation failure.
Type B fractures are bifocal, include some fracture-dislocations, and have an increased risk of avascular necrosis.
Dennis Lox, some patients with a disorder of the bone called avascular necrosis (AVN), have turned to stem cell therapy for aid.
Furthermore, continuous corticosteroid treatment is often associated with osteoporosis and avascular necrosis can affect the musculoskeletal system.