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Climate suitability classes for the Jatropha crop as a function of the average annual temperature, annual water deficit and annual water surplus.
Average annual temperature is about 16[degrees]C, and average annual rainfall is about 1,030 mm.
The coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth, Antarctica has a desert climate, with near-zero humidity and average annual temperature of -47[degrees]C.--Mondi PaperSales GmbH, Austria,
The results showed that since 1958, the average annual temperature on the ice sheet has increased by 2.4[degrees]C - three times greater than the average global figure and almost double previous estimates.
"The reason, however, for the disintegration of this society was the relatively quick and important climate change, bringing considerable rise of average annual temperature and severe dry spell in the region.
After a few months above normal, the average annual temperature in Mynydd Isa, at 9.48C (49.1F) is now back below my long term average of 9.57C (49.2F) for the past 36 years - so much for global warming!
Though temperatures on Vesta fluctuate during the year, the model predicts that the average annual temperature near Vesta's north and south poles is less than roughly minus 200 degrees Fahrenheit (145 kelvins).
It is semiarid or steppe, and arid or desert, with approximately 250 mm of rainfall, mostly from August to October, and an average annual temperature of 23.5[degrees]C (Espenshade EB, Jr 1990.
As Ireland has quite a low average annual temperature of around 10[degrees]C, free-cooling is a possibility for a good portion of the year for manufacturers.
ANTARCTICA IS THE highest, driest, coldest, and windiest continent on earth, with an average annual temperature of -50[degrees]C.
In the time between Raxworthy's trips, the average annual temperature in Madagascar's capital rose between 0.1[degrees]C and 0.37[degrees]C.
Mena falls under the sun-belt where the average annual temperature per year is above 40 degree and the region has huge potential to generate power from this.

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