Averment of

NOTICE, AVERMENT OF, in pleading. This is frequently necessary, particularly in special actions of assumpsit.
     2. When the matter alleged in the pleading is to be considered as lying more properly in the knowledge of the plaintiff, than of the defendant, then the declaration ought to state that the defendant had notice thereof; as when the defendant promised to give the plaintiff as much for a commodity as another person had given, or should give for the like.
     3. But where the matter does not lie more properly in the knowledge of the plaintiff, than of the defendant, notice need not be averred. 1 Saund. 117, n. 2; 2 Saund. 62 a, n. 4; Freeman, R. 285. Therefore, if the defendant contrasted to do a thing, on the performance of an act by a stranger, notice need not be averred, for it lies in the defendant's knowledge as much as the plaintiff's, and he ought to take notice of it at his peril. Com. Dig. Pleader, C 75. See Com. Dig. Id. o 73, 74, 75; Vin. Abr. Notice; Hardr. R. 42; 5 T. R. 621.
     4. The omission of an averment of notice, when necessary, will be fatal on demurrer or judgment by default; Cro. Jac. 432; but may be aided by verdict; 1 Str. 214; 1 Saund. 228, a; unless in an action against the drawer of a bill, when the omission of the averment of notice of non-payment by the acceptor is fatal, even after verdict. Doug. R. 679.

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32) Further, the Court found that the averment of an agreement in the plaintiffs' complaint was conclusory and so was not entitled to the usual benefit of construction that courts considering a Rule 12(b)(6) MTD owe to plaintiffs' factual allegations at the pleading stage.
It is the averment of the Company that as a direct result of these published articles that contain information which is falsein content and context, and therefore defamatory, misleading and prejudicial to the Company and its officers, led to the incurrence of significant reputational damage and financial losses, the quantum value of which is determinable.
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In technical, drafting terms this can serve as a useful device for trying to reconcile the irreconcilable; but while it seems to have been enough, politically, to have brought in two of the three partners in 2008, it was evidently not enough to satisfy the third party and may explain that third party's refusal to sign on also to that bilateral, two-party association agreement and to limit itself, instead, to its own, rather more open-ended averment of support.