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Avient Crew helps airlines manage their crew, optimise crew utilisation and enhance productivity right from initial planning, through to the day of operation.
This will be the existing MD-11F from the former Avient fleet, which we look forward to putting back into service," he says.
Contrary to industry rumors, Clarke confirms that Liege Airport in Belgium will remain AV Cargo's operational hub in Europe--despite the fact that the airport operating company is listed as one of Avient Ltd's creditors.
When Avient Ltd, the sales arm of Avient Aviation, went bankrupt earlier this year, it was with a reported debt burden in excess of US$30 million.
To try and retrieve the situation and in an effort to placate creditors, Portland Business and Financial Solutions, the company's administrators, have developed a formula allowing AV Cargo to emerge from the ashes of Avient Ltd, and, hopefully, provide an eventual financial return for creditors.
All of which is not what Clarke envisioned as being the situation when he and technical director Neil Glover took over responsibility for running Avient at the start of the year.
Portland, the administrators, sanctioned AV Cargo to operate existing commitments on behalf of Avient pending the outcome of its evaluations of the company.
Kargo Sistem has also picked up the Avient account.
Avient, the Zimbabwe-registered freighter operator, hopes to base two MD-11s, its second and third of the type, at its European hub in Liege this year after its Belgian Air Operator Certificate comes through.
Avient lost its first MD-11 freighter in November 2009, just days after delivery, in a fatal crash on takeoff from Shanghai Pudong airport.
Avient operates two IL-76s locally around Africa and the Middle East, and has interline access to a B727 and other, smaller aircraft.