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AWM, or AUME. An ancient measure, used in measuring Rhenish wines it contained forty gallons.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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AWM will be culled along with other regional development agencies after the coalition Government replaced them with LEPS, which will be run by local businesspoeple and authorities.
Mick Laverty, chief executive at Advantage West Midlands, said the report was a strong riposte to claims that AWM failed to deliver value for money.
AWM has provided grants and other help to Coventry and Warwickshire firms.
WMRO, which has just brought out its state of the region report, had a budget of pounds 1.9 million last year, with the bulk of its income coming from AWM as well as contributions from the European Regional Development Fund.
AWM put money into and encouraged the building of Bournville College's state of the art project.
A spokesman for regional development agency AWM confirmed: "The developers for Belgrade Plaza have engaged with AWM in early stage discussions regarding the gap funding programme for future elements of this development.
David Bailey, professor of International business strategy and economics at Coventry University, expressed concern over what AWM's abolition could mean for the region's ability to find match funding.
At the same time, the money AWM raises itself through land and property receipts has fallen by pounds 21 million, as a result of the recession.
Mr Holland said AWM was hopeful of a start on site for Tata early next year, a year later than previously hoped.
Tim Gebbels, corporate director for strategy and skills at AWM, said the agency set out criteria to establish which schemes to commit to, including those with the highest possible economic benefit, and those which were deliverable within the timeframe - as schemes which go on past 2012 Mick Laverty, chief would be out of its control.