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The possible reason might be low contrast resolution for deep pelvic structures and imaging in the axial plane which could not accurately depict the craniocaudally oriented insertion.
Anatomy and surface geometry of the patellofemoral joint in the axial plane.
The helical surface is generated in the same kinematical mode as at the zero convolute worms, but the generation tool is posed with the rectilinear generating edges in a parallel plane with the axial plane of the worm and tangent to the base cylinder, above the first.
Comparison of attitudes of axial planes (009[degrees], 75[degrees]/099[degrees]) and [beta]-axis (5[degrees]/011[degrees]) of the regional fold with that of the NE /SW plunging folds (A/P: 014[degrees], 72[degrees]/104[degrees] and mean [beta]-axis 4[degrees]/015[degrees]) show that they are fairly compatible, which implies that the NE/SW plunging minor folds are coaxial with the regional fold(s).
The V520 cutters feature two identical trapezoidal inserts located in the same axial plane allowing two effective cutting edges when plunging, as well as two effective cutting edges for conventional end milling.
The shape of long bone diaphyses is influenced by bending (shear) and torsional loads (Ruff 1987), and the thickness of diaphyseal cortex in the axial plane forms a structure that is virtually impervious to fracture by a compressive load under normal circumstances (Cowin 1995).
Limited-sequence MRI of the pelvis is a quick, 20-minute exam that focuses on the axial plane for adnexal lesions and the sagittal plane for endometrial lesions, an approach that is especially helpful for stretching MRI resources when access is limited, explained Dr.
All bones were visualized with the exception of a bone in the axial plane in the vallecula.
Fig 1: Post-contrast computed tomography axial plane shows the mass pressurizing liver forward and laterally.