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Finally, the corrected flow stress is obtained applying this bulge correction factor, C, to the average axial stress at mid-plane of the deformed specimen, [[sigma].
From the axial stress contours obtained from the FEM analysis, it can be concluded that the axial stress concentrations are in the center regions of the column cross sections, particularly in the confined areas.
In convention extrusion, polymer melt is subjected to the axial stress and the axial orientation is generated.
The main objective of the present study is to introduce a novel approach for the mechanical analysis of cylindrical cavity expansion considering the influence of the axial stress based on the assumptions of the quasi-plane strain-softening problem, and the corresponding theoretical solutions for the deformation-dependent intermediate principal stress and axial strain are proposed.
The maximum nominal axial stress applied on the defected specimen is 80MPa and the stress ratio R is 0.
A number of the spiral welds had ruptured due to loading from internal pressure, cyclic pressure loading and axial stress from ground movement.
The axial stress increases with an increase in axial strain until the peak value is reached, followed by a sudden drop to zero in stabilized soil, but the post-peak stress reduced gradually when fibers are included.
The axial stress applied to the rock model during the uniaxial compression test was calculated from total force acting on the upper loading platen from particles and model width.
In order to study the influence of mean stress and amplitude of stress on the stress-strain hysteresis loop, asymmetric axial stress cycle tests were conducted under the following two conditions.
The reason for that is attributed to the cooling of the film from the die exit towards the chill-roll and the associated increase in the elasticity of the melt that causes a reduction in the transverse stress as compared to the axial stress.
The axial stress strain behavior of CFST members confined by CFRP fabrics with respect to control specimen is shown in Figs 11 to 13.
Two horizontal lines are shown representing the required tension load to impact 42 ksi specified minimum yield strength (SMYS) total axial stress (considering the 36% SMYS pressure end load), and the required tension load to impart 51.