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This is why the reassessment interval is considerably longer for the axial stress level of 60%, compared to 75% SMYS.
Regardless of the kind of axial deformation of the specimen, as long as the axial stress was set to zero in advance, the axial stress will be automatically adjusted to zero because the closed loop load control mode was imposed in the axial direction.
This factor is applied the average axial stress at mid-plane of the deformed specimen, [[sigma].
A number of the spiral welds had ruptured due to loading from internal pressure, cyclic pressure loading and axial stress from ground movement.
In the model solution process, some assumptions are made as followings: no leakage occurs in the closed space during the compaction process; a certain compressibility of the solid materials exists, and the materials make contact with each other; friction between the materials and the inner surface of the stator only depends on the normal stress; friction between the rotor and the materials are ignored; the ratio of the normal to the axial stress is set as a constant K; the density of the material, the axial stress and the normal stress are only related to the changes in the x-direction (circumferential); the effect of gravity and the inertia force on the materials are ignored.
The axial stress strain behavior of CFST members confined by CFRP fabrics with respect to control specimen is shown in Figs 11 to 13.
Two horizontal lines are shown representing the required tension load to impact 42 ksi specified minimum yield strength (SMYS) total axial stress (considering the 36% SMYS pressure end load), and the required tension load to impart 51.
3b clearly suggest that true axial stress continues to increase after the maximum load and its rate of increase for the short specimen is faster than that for the long specimen.
The resulted histograms of axial stress in incident and transmission bars [see (a) and (c) in Fig.
The results showed that the axial stress and axial strain carrying capacities of the wrapped concrete columns increased significantly as compared to the unconfined column and also, the behaviour of the columns was greatly affected by the analysis parameters.