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11 cases of intraocular foreign bodies were seen by B-scan.
Ultrasound B-scan is an excellent, non-invasive, rapid diagnostic tool in assessing intraocular damage caused by blunt or penetrating eye injuries which most of the time renders ophthalmoscopy impossible due to opacification of light transmitting media.
The average times for a B-scan are compared in Table 1.
Contribution of echography to the diagnosis of retinoblastoma: a homogeneous B-Scan study.
B-SCAN enables the online retrieval of construction permit applications; provides online access to most job folder contents on the Internet via BISWeb; empowers Buildings staffto electronically manage construction permit applications; allows most job filing documents to be managed, retrieved, archived and accessed online; provides access to virtually all documents associated with New Building and Alteration permit applications (with the exception of architectural plans).
So if you suspect your boss is a megalomaniac and that beneath their charming persona likes a sadistic control freak, have them tested with the B-Scan -- it could stop them escaping with the petty cash tin
Hau SC, Papastefanou Y, Shah S, Sagoo MS, Restori M, Cohen V Evaluation of iris and iridociliary body lesions with anterior segment optical coherence tomography versus ultrasound B-scan.
Diagnostic B-Scan Ultrasonography was performed in these patients preoperatively.
A retinoschisis may be differentiated from RD by appearance, visual field testing, ultrasound B-scan, (12) and more definitively with OCT imaging.
Orbital radiogram B-scan and CT- scan were performed when required for exact localization of foreign body.
Preoperative assessment included best- corrected visual acuity (BCVA), funduscopy with 90D lens and B-Scan ultrasonography in 9 patients was used as fundus was not visualized clinically.
8) B-scan transformation understood as image processing (migration, edge detection) or the methods of image analysis like template matching or artificial neural network.