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BASE. Something low; inferior. This word is frequently used in composition; as base court, base estate, base fee, &c.

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However, many of its provisions have not been implemented since the 1960s, and many still are selectively and partly enforced," Basas added.
"This SSL-3 has perpetuated the poor status of our teachers and pegged our salaries in Salary Grade 11, the lowest among the government professionals," Basas said.
Since then, Basas said that TDC has been writing to DepEd on the matter.
The absence of Basas is a big blow to the Lady Tamaraws' bid to get back to the championship round after they finished as the runners-up in Season 80.
Basas noted that teachers and other rank and file state workers "suffered low pay and limited benefits" since 1989 when the salary standardization law (SSL) was first implemented.
Maraguinot and Basas did not suit up for the Lady Realtors due to a muscle strain and an ear infection, respectively.
"The two hours intended to accomplish other tasks incidental to normal teaching duties may be brought home or anywhere the teacher wants," said Basas. However, he lamented that the DepEd "failed to implement the resolution" despite the two subsequent issuances from former Secretary Jesli Lapus in 2008 and 2009 - through DepEd Memorandum 291 and DepEd Order 16, respectively.
Maraguinot, Basas, Villareal, Hernandez, and Baliton will boost Sta.
Basas strongly demanded the DepEd to stand firm against all intrusions and transgressions of their rights and well-being as state employees and hold accountable officials who conspired with the national police without providing sufficient reason.
Toni Rose Basas was never the most emotional player in the UAAP Season 80 women's volleyball tournament, so when she played her first game in the championship round the pressure-filled atmosphere almost rattled her off her sneakers.
"Even Andres Bonifacio knew the importance of the lessons of our people's history- he studied it on his own and he used our own language to write revolutionary literature that paved the way to our liberation," said TDC national chairperson Benjo Basas. "We need to reform the curriculum to instill values such as patriotism, respect for justice, human rights and rule of law," he added.
Letting her play do the talking, Toni Rose Basas, Far Eastern U's calm outside hitter, rarely shows her emotions during games.