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A BIOS restart would solve the problem every time I encountered the BSOD but having to open up my PC every time this happened wasn't a walk in the park.
Sara Nabaa, VeChain and Dominic Docherty, BIOS Middle East
See the FOS software loading instructions for the correct BIOS boot disk parameters.
Paulachak: BIOS is the systems integration arm of LINC Media, which used to be the parent company of this magazine before a management buyout last year.
There is no doubt that a BIOS that does this properly can be called a Y2K-compliant BIOS.
A number of sources (including some of the Websites listed in the charts above and on page 704) distribute routines that manipulate the BIOS and CMOS dates to ascertain whether they function correctly through the rollover dates.
As more users start to upgrade their PC's, they will be faced with difficult decisions regarding hardware and software compatibility with the system BIOS installed on the PC.
For instance, during his 12-year tenure with Philom Bios, the company registered BioMal, the first bio-herbicide to be registered in Canada.
Most of the bio shares fell short of the market consensus, and some even recorded an earning shock.