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v. 1) to place a notice on the entrance or a prominent place on real property, such as a notice to quit (leave), pay rent, or a notice of intent to conduct a sheriff's sale, which requires mailing of a copy to the occupant to complete service of the notice. 2) to place a legal notice on a designated public place at the courthouse. 3) a commercial term for recording a payment. 4) to mail.

POST. After. When two or more alienations or descents have taken place between an original intruder ant or defendant in a writ of entry, the writ is said to be in the post, because it states that the tenant had not entry unless after the ouster of the original intruder. 3 Bl. Com. 182. See Entry, limit of.

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On the other hand, if the CBRT chooses to provide less liquidity than what is requested by the banks through 1-week and 1-month repo auctions, this situation leads to a positive net liquidity deficit and therefore should increase the BIST spread.
Angiolin dal biondo crin (3d version) (S.269iii); Benedetto sia'l giorno (1st version) (S.270i); Comment disaient-ils (2d version) (S.276ii); Der Alpenjager (1st version) (S.292i); Der Fischerknabe (1st version) (S.292i); Der Hirt (1st version) (S.292i); Du bist wie eine Blume (5th version) (S.287iv); Enfant, si j'etais roi (3d version) (S.283iii); I' vidi in terra angelici costumi (1st version) (S.270i); Ihr Glocken von Marling (S.328); Im Rhein, im schonen Strome (2d version) (S.272ii); Kling leise, mein Lied (1st version) (S.301i); Morgens steh' ich auf und frage (3d version) (S.290iii); Oh!
The automatic test equipment (ATE) providers will be able to access the embedded instruments, logic BIST and IPs inside the device for chip, board or system testing purposes.
7 Silver medals team kumite (Jamieson Dube, Carter Hopping, Neo Liu, Henry Liu, Rushil Bist, Jake Verilli, Athreya Ramesh)
Ten out of the 100 largest firms on BIST belong to Koc.
On 4 April, Chairman of the Executive Board of the BIST Ibrahim Turhan announced nearing the completion of the project at the at the Eighth Turkish-Arab Economy Forum in Istanbul, adding that he hoped the project would eventually "cover the whole region", according to Turkey-based news agency Anadol.
Also while this appears to offer a good solution, it does not address BIST functionality, which requires at least two stable temperature sensors, at least one of which must measure absolute temperature rather than temperature difference.
But for Bist, it's dissatisfaction with Mashreq Millionaire, a savings scheme that does not offer any return except for a chance to win in the weekly and mega draw of lots, that led her to opt out of it and instead save in National Bonds.
Topics include: DfT and BIST, signal and image processing, digital design and applications, analog and mixed signal design, communication and MIMO implementations, algorithms in design, advanced design solutions, sensor devices and systems, and advanced testing techniques.
The conservative continuity of this dual approach to Heimat is evidenced in the film Du bist min.
LogicVision provides proprietary build-in-self-test (BIST) technologies for achieving the highest quality silicon-manufacturing test, while reducing test costs for complex System-on-Chip devices.