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The measurements of BMD were recorded for each vertebral body one by one from T12 to L5, and the mean BMD of each case was calculated.
Different jumping performance and body composition parameters are related to BMD accrual in pubertal girls with different physical activity levels (Gruodyte et al.
In this study, comparisons between BMD and the risk of osteopenia in the neck femur and lumbar spine, revealed significant differences between the three groups.
However, no significant associations were seen between the VE levels (dietary or serum) and the BMD at any site in men.
Repeat testing The study we reference (Menopause, June 2015) looked at 4,068 postmenopausal women between the ages of 50 and 64, all of whom had undergone a BMD test to assess their risk for fractures and osteoporosis.
There is a need for studies investigating young adults where BMD measurements would reflect peak bone mass and the aim of this study was to evaluate BMD in young university aged Saudi females.
The secondary analysis of BMD was performed using SPSS version 16.
responded to the North Korean missile threat by deploying BMD assets and
Aegis BMD is evolving into a global enterprise as the system migrates from the U.
Malik and his collegues examined BMD in 53 male abstinent patients, 21 to 50 years of age, at an alcohol rehabilitation clinic.
In women with PMO, a positive correlation was found between QUALEFFO total scores, and age, Body Mass index (BMI), parity and duration of menopause, and a negative correlation between QUALEFFO total scores, and level of education, economical status and femur neck BMD scores.