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The letter available with The Nation said 'PC-1 titled 'establishment of BMT at PIMS worth Rs million63.
It was stated that functioning of BMT facility at QIH Islamabad would provide an opportunity to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa patients in the coming days.
BMT Fluid Mechanics is internationally recognised as a leading independent specialist in the field of wind engineering, architectural aerodynamics and building physics.
However, please note that the most important thing in this matter is not only the financing, but the training and mentoring provided by BMT to its clients.
Many of the study participants said they would readily participate if BMT were offered at a harm-reduction agency such as the one with their needle-exchange program.
The FACT-BMT is a validated questionnaire for measuring quality of life in BMT recipients.
BMT Defence Services said: "BMT identified a capability gap between conventional and nuclear submarines for a larger conventional design, which had ocean reach and, equally, works well close to the shore where most navies are expected to operate.
Twenty-three myeloablative BMT patients who attended the Department of Paediatrics of the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong, were recruited, and informed consent was obtained from either the patients or responsible guardians.
These findings suggest that allogeneic BMT is tied to a clinical graft-versus-Hodgkin's lymphoma effect, the authors concluded.
Because most cases of toxoplasmosis occur in BMT recipients who are seropositive prior to BMT, it is widely believed that toxoplasmosis occurs by reactivation of a latent infection.
We deal mainly with manufacturers and manufacturing-oriented service companies," says Del Schuh, president of BMT.