British Standards Institution

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British Standards Institution (BSI)

a body established in 1929 by Royal Charter. It is independent. Its main function is to lay down specifications. While in fact improving quality, conformity with the standards offers some degree of assurance for consumers.
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BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution is the national standards body that initiates technical standards on a wide range of products and services, and also supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses.
Assicurazioni Generali SpA (BIT.G), considered to be the biggest insurance provider in Italy, is to sell its Swiss private banking unit, BSI Group, to Grupo BTG Pactual (BTG).
The compliance with ISO 27001:2005 was certified by BSI Group.
BEW Global is a internationally recognized organization that holds an associate consultant program (ACP) for ISO 27000 standards certification from BSI Group America, Inc., a subsidiary of BSI Group.
Session 3 on Allergy and Regulatory Issues will include the following presentations: "New medical device regulations for medical devices," Satish Champaneri, BSI Group, U.K.; and "Process validation of medical devices, condoms, catheters and surgical devices," David Hill, International Latex Consultancy, U.K.
The ISOs were awarded by certification body BSI Group. Cadence's new Pittsburgh facility offers tumkey finished medical device assembly and sterilization management capabilities.
Since its foundation in 1901 as the world first national standards body, BSI Group has grown into a leading global business services organization providing standards-based solutions in more than 150 countries.
Contact BSI Group on tel 020 8996 7468 or visit
Since its foundation in 1901, BSi Group has grown into a leading global independent business services organisation that inspires confidence and delivers assurance to customers with standards-based solutions.
The firm now expects to increase sales further this year after a ruling last September by industry body BSI Group to ensure companies take greater care to protect the public from lightning.
The certifications, awarded by the BSI Group, validate Xlear's focus on quality and allows the company to market Xlear Nasal Wash around the world as a medical device.
The BSi group included age classes from 3-15 y (12 and 14 y age classes were missing) ranging in size from 0.187-4.740 (mean = 1.03) g wet tissue weight.