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The baby care room was redesigned into a welcoming, clean, and friendly facility where mothers can safely and comfortably attend to their children, he said.
"Across the globe, North America has demand due to high government regulations for baby care. The government has strict policies concerning baby products, material, and packaging.
The company, already offering various skincare products for Indian women, has now come up with India's first plant based baby care products.
A strong focus on innovation, research and development has endowed the company with many firsts the first herbal beauty soap, first sandalwood based soap, first herbal baby care range, first herbal shower gel range, first kids personal care range and first mosquito repellent with a best herbal mix.
DermoViva Baby -- a range of safe and gentle baby care products that are extremely mild and enriched with natural virgin olive extracts -- deeply nourishes your baby's skin, leaving it soft, smooth and protected.
The demand for quality baby care products in Dubai and around the world gives the website fast recognition from mothers and both parents worldwide.
Her expertise in baby care, including infant massage, is cited in, the well-known newborn/baby care website in the United States.
As research fellow, Smith works for the Innovation Management unit of Baby Care, and is based in Krefeld, Germany.
"Big Lots takes pride in providing our customer a great selection of quality baby care products at a price she loves," says Richard Chene, executive vice president, chief merchandising officer.
"Interest in natural and organic baby care products has grown out of the emerging consumer demand for organic and natural products in packaged food, as well as adult personal care," Euromonitor states.
In the Consumer category, skincare increased 2.4% and baby care, 1.8%; oral care showed a very slight gain of 0.1%.