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They designed a switch-activated motorized baby walker in which the child could merely touch a button with the end of his limb and the device would be set in motion.
When I was here four years ago, you told me that of all nursery products on the market, baby walkers caused the most injuries resulting in emergency room visits.
In the days before his death, the sprightly youngster was crawling and standing upright, supporting himself on his baby walker.
Unveiled at Toy Fair 2013, the range includes traditional favourites such as a jigsaw, rattle, soft books, soft toys, building blocks, a baby walker, activity centre, stacking rings, pull-along-puppy and a shape sorter.
If anyone was to glance through the front window they would see two people of a senior age sitting in a room with cushions all over the floor covering sharp edges, a musical chair, teddy bears, a pull-along Snoopy the dog, a baby walker full of coloured bricks and a toy box.
Hauck Sing All Day, baby walker play centre, for six months and over, PS69.
But undercover officers later posed as customers and purchased a baby walker and car seat and hired experts to carry out the safety tests.
As for Charlie's own car-shaped baby walker, I was informed on Sunday that it is now redundant.
It is not a necessary product either since children do not learn how to walk without the baby walker.
Now that the couple are proud parents of 10-month-old baby son Gabriel, they find that they spend even more time in the kitchen - as Gabriel loves whizzing around in his baby walker.
Rolf, 47, adapted a baby walker to create a dancing frame which enables Tilly to practice every week at her dance school in Leek, Staffordshire.