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Without a solid understanding of where deer travel, rest and feed on your hunting property, you can't expect to successfully execute an opening-weekend plan that involves hugging a bachelor group's core area.
"Cheeky Chops has now been safely reunited with the other three members of his bachelor group who welcomed him back with lots of grooming.
The exhibits should be able to accommodate a breeding group or a bachelor group of animals.
Bachelor group compositions differed significantly between LMNP and the ARS in the case of eland and waterbuck (Table 3), and in both cases, this effect was driven by bachelor groups being composed of relatively more young males (' M1 ' , ' M2') but fewer males of the oldest age class (' M3') in the ARS than inside LMNP (Fig.
Plus, chimp Ben joins two old friends in the park's bachelor group.
During summer '16, a few bucks in a bachelor group began making appearances in a small field no one had been hunting.
The giraffes arrived in early April and have been settling in to their new surroundings and meeting each other for the first time, forming a bachelor group. Dr Charlotte Macdonald, Director of Life Sciences, said: "We are absolutely delighted to welcome giraffes back to Twycross Zoo.
Every so often, a lone buck or small bachelor group will wander through, but mostly after the September archery season is over.
Visitors can see the nocturnal creatures being fed and learn about the bachelor group of eight Rodrigues fruit bats, and the breeding colony of around 90 Seba's short-tailed bats, during the 'discover more' sessions hosted by a keeper.
The monkeys are a bachelor group formed to assist the European breeding programme for this species.
The bachelor group from the previous night was back in the sage flat.
Pam has been paired with Hendrix, from the bachelor group, and keepers are hoping love will blossom!

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