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BACHELOR. The first degree taken at the universities in the arts and sciences, as bachelor of arts, & c. It is called, in Latin, Baccalaureus, from bacalus, or bacillus, a staff, because a staff was given, by way of distinction, into the hands of those who had completed their studies. Some, however, have derived the word from baccalaura, others from bas chevalier, as designating young squires who aspire to the knighthood. (Dupin.) But the derivation. of the word is uncertain.

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Gilliam, bachelor of arts, anthropology and Spanish; Leilani Golden, bachelor of arts, educational studies; Kristin Jolene Goldt, bachelor of landscape architecture, landscape architecture; Martha Lisa Gomez, bachelor of arts, sociology; Angela Renee Gonzalez, bachelor of education, family and human services; Peter Goss, master of science, educational leadership; Roxanne C.
For those with an undergraduate degree but who want to pursue the bachelor of education degree in Aboriginal adult education offered at Brock, they can earn it by taking just five culturally based, 78-hour core education courses.
A government, a university and a college have teamed up to give teachers in the Yukon Territory a bachelor of education degree that is unique in Canada.
Bachelor of Education (BEd) degrees combine a conventional Bachelor of Honours degree with additional teacher training courses.
Samsel, bachelor of science, sociology; Nadja Sanders, bachelor of education, family and human services;
Later, Vescio received both a master of science in forestry and a bachelor of education from Lakehead University.
Julie Humphries holds a master of arts degree in education from Georgia State University and a bachelor of education degree from the University of Georgia.
This facility will enable Federation University to offer six new university courses in Traralgon, including a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Engineer-Technology and Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood).
They also will contribute to the effective implementation and management of the Higher Education Commission's two-year Associate degree and four-year Bachelor of Education degree programs.
I was worried about her safety and, since besides a Masters I also have a degree of Bachelor of Education, I thought I may as well join the school and be around my daughter," she said.
The teachers, including women, had come to the Osmania campus to evaluate Bachelor of Education (B.

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