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Back pain is an extremely common condition, with an estimated four out of five people in the UK* experiencing back pain at some point.
Most is short-term but one in five hit by acute lower back pain develop chronic low back pain, lasting a year or more.
11,12) The injury characteristics, diagnoses, and other medical treatment information for each identified service member with a MEA was cross-referenced with the Joint Theater Trauma Registry (US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, Texas), the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application, and the Theater Medical Data System, specifically looking for dates of injury and level of amputation(s), the presence of associated traumatic spine injuries, and any pre- or postinjury treatment for back pain.
16) As with depression, somatization symptoms have been positively associated with low back pain in a general adult population (17), although a recent study found that patients with chronic low back pain were no more likely to be diagnosed with somatoform disorders than patients without back pain (18).
The study, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, involved more than 300 low-income, racially diverse adults with chronic low back pain.
There are other conditions that could be the root cause of back pain other than a previous history of back pain or trauma.
A good social history is also important because complaints of back pain are high on the list with psychosomatic issues as well.
Consultant spinal surgeon with Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospitals Mr James Cordell-Smith, said: "Although millions of people suffer from debilitating back pain, there is still a lack of consistency and understanding about how to prevent and treat it.
Low back pain is the greatest contributor to disability worldwide," said the presenting author Dr.
Wang noted that prior studies had looked at the relationship between obesity and physical activity with back pain but that there were inconsistent findings and a lack of longitudinal data.
He said that complaints of severe back pain are coming to them by the youngsters especially the girls who have adopted bad posture habits during their study time so he recommended to avoid it .