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However, an audit conducted by an independent accounting firm revealed that the company used the funds to pay 'significant amounts of back rent owed to its landlord' and paying other debts accrued prior to receiving the grant.
As of October, Allegiance allegedly owed $105,000 in back rent and the board wanted to pull the plug on the lease agreement with the health care operator.
The $2.6 million figure includes more than $122,000 in back rent, interest and late charges for August through November 2017, plus all of the rent due through 2023 under the lease, according to the lawsuit.
But when Sano was able to return to his position as senior deputy administrator, his office imposed an unreasonable condition for the school to pay five years of back rent as a prerequisite for the issuance of the SBMA permit.
A North Carolina landowner wants Aiken County agencies to remove more than 6 million pounds of e-waste from a now defunct recycling center and pay nearly two years of back rent, according to a federal lawsuit.
The figure includes [euro]165,000 in back rent, [euro]12,000 to cover the damage and [euro]1,500 in late fees.
City planning officer Francis Amos said the 1966 scheme was expensive "in all ways" and chances of getting back rent income slim.
They owe us thousands and thousands of pounds in back rent.
eMMerdALe iTV1 7pm There's trouble for Declan, Nicola and Robbie (above, left to right) when she lies that she's put Laurel's back rent of PS2,000 in the safe.
Despite grants and other support this was not enough to sustain the Museum, especially as the rent was going up and the landlord was demanding payment of back rent.