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EUR[pounds sterling]ItEUROs not often you win Test match in that manner EUR" most of the Test matches you win come from three or four days of very hard work getting yourself in the position to win so weEUROve got to get right back to square one here and I think the guys are excited to do that.
Charlie Swan for his hat-trick with the JP McManus-owned trio On The Other Hand, He's My Man and Back To Square One, and Davy Russell for his double on the gambled-on Third Level Tom and Jawad
That was very difficult, even more so as I signed on back where I grew up which felt like going right back to square one on the snakes and ladders board.
Now, 20 years on and a full-time employee of the Morpeth Hunt, the 35-year-old says he feels as if he is back to square one.
America has tried to come out of the cesspool of racial conservatism and racism, and we're right back to square one," said Lami, who owns La Caffita bakery shop, also located in Los Angeles.
BACK to square one for Galway United but Tony Mannion is still building and slotting together the pieces of a championship challenge.
Any peep about Simpson's history from the prosecutor could force the judge to declare a mistrial and send the whole process back to square one.
They have gone back to square one to review the entire process.
and Europe move to expand role in Syria Election law talks back to square one A.
Indeed, one thing that he did suggest was that perhaps we should in this United Kingdom (I use the term loosely) go for an American-style federal system in which no doubt, London would adopt the role of Washington, Wales would split into two or three federal states and we would be back to square one with no racial Welsh identity.
It's a core issue because without Kashmir you will always have a possibility of going back to square one no matter how much confidence-building measures you have," he said.
The only option seems to be bringing in loan players and when they are recalled, as they invariably are, we are back to square one.