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AN NAHAR said that the outcome of Mikati's consultations with the March 8 parties indicated that the Cabinet formation efforts were back to square one as Aoun upheld his tough demands, including the demand for the Interior Ministry portfolio, for participation in the government.
This board-dependent method of production also meant that short of going back to square one and recreating a page from scratch, prior to printing, those completed paste-up boards were irreplaceable.
But that brings us back to square one in the gay marriage debate: Recognizing the legality of a marriage implies its endorsement by society.
A couple years later, when the labels realized they had no idea how to handle these stridently pro-identity artists, most of the artists were dropped back to square one.
If this hateful measure were to pass, we would be not just back to square one but completely off the board--permanent second-class citizens.
All three branches of the government have been involved, and like many things that pass through this triumvirate, we're back to square one.
Or you might stumble across so many potential BFFs that you're back to square one. Who knows?
Too often, the purchase of a new piece of equipment or the construction of a new building becomes an instant rationale for taking the marketing message back to square one. Here are some suggestions to encourage your maintenance of valuable continuity:
He has made us hard to beat as draws against Poland and Ukraine show and sacking him would put us back to square one. Bring on Euro qualifiers.
Is the SAN going back to square one? Will the iSCSI gale sink your storage infrastructure, taking your job down in the process?
It's back to square one for the developers of Dos Mares, a US$150 million project adjacent to the Fajardo beachfront known as La Selva, reports The San Juan Star (January 31, 2001).
A company that dropped prices 50% below published rates to gain business must now increase prices 100% to get back to square one. Factoring in inflation, an adequate rate increase could be as much as 110%.