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We do have our back-ups, but that decision will only be made when the team meets up.
Atletico Madrid defenders Filipe Luis and Miranda are in the seven-man list of back-ups, as is Bayern Munich right-back Rafinha.
Designed to provide protection for valuable business data, the back-up service can automatically back-up up to a massive 1Terabyte of data, transferring it via SSL and storing it, encrypted, within Fasthosts' secure state-of- the-art data centre.
The Icomm data also shows that Wales-based SMEs that use tape back-up could be wasting as much as 61 hours a year on managing their back-up systems.
The OptiProtect solution provides online back-up, de-duplication, compression, encryption, secure storage and rapid recovery of electronic documents to protect an organization at the time of hardware and software malfunction, viruses, human error and natural disasters.
The O2 Zaloha phone back-up service is available now for free to those who are registered in the O2 Extra customer program.
In Carrollton, IL, a group of homeowners along North Sixth and Parkview streets still are plagued by sewer back-ups into their homes and businesses, but may soon see a long-term solution to the problem.
In its various forms, back-up has been part of IT for over 40 years, so it might be assumed that the chore of storing and recovering data was so well understood and frequently executed as to be foolproof.
Back-ups can be made between any two internal or external disks.
The list of precautions there includes shatter-resistant windows, fluorescent stripping on floor borders, stairwell emergency lighting, security guards, bag checks, weekly alarm tests, off-site mail screens, remote back-up data centers, emergency power and water supplies and even whistles for employees to blow in case of injury or entrapment.
"StorageTek's T9940B will address customer challenges of executing reliable back-ups with ever-shrinking back-up windows."
Back-up: In our last survey, only 83% of the respondents said they backed up their hard drives regularly.