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Backplane is revolutionary in terms of edge load balancing, we'd never seen any legacy provider offer such speed, security and simplicity," said Mickey Yawn, architecture manager at Turner Broadcasting System.
In the past, backplane supply voltage was typically 5 VDC, while today's boards are often supplied at 12 V, and the lower voltages for the logic components are derived from this onboard.
SUPERCOMM 2004 is the fourth in a series of high-speed serial backplane demonstrations by Xilinx this year targeting the rapidly growing design activity at 5 to 10Gbps.
For some systems, backplanes and cables had to be redesigned to operate with Ultra32O SCSI.
0 Revision 3 standard, and we have an eight-slot backplane for the PICMG 2.
AMIRIX and Xilinx teamed to deliver this valuable tool which facilitates the validation of serial backplane designs.
On the other hand, HT and RIO are already being integrated for important bus and backplane roles in non-server products.
In particular, the device allows users to tailor signal integrity by fine-tuning transmitter pre-emphasis, receiver equalization and output voltage swing through over 36 programmable settings to optimally offset system-specific backplane and interconnect losses.
If more than two drives are required, an expansion box with the 80-pin SCA-2 hot plug backplane should be used, not the individual drive adapters.