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In addition, a negative GABHSRADT result warrants additional testing by conventional bacterial culture especially in adults, where PSD is most commonly caused by GBBHS (1, 6, 10).
The results of bacterial cultures in our study agree with literature data which also indicate that Gram-negative bacteria, especially Escherichia coli are predominant.
The slightly dried compact granular calli were then co-cultivated with bacterial culture under various conditions.
pylori antigens in the gastric mucosa, the same biopsy specimens that had earlier been evaluated in the CLO test or collected into the transport medium for bacterial culture were used.
The presence of infection is documented by a positive ascitic fluid bacterial culture and / or elevated ascitic fluid absolute polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) count (= 250 cells / mm3)3.
In this study performance of acid fast staining PCR and ELISA were compared with bacterial culture being the gold standard.
Same quantity of the bacterial culture was inoculated in each flask and incubated at 37oC on magnetic stirrer for 24 hours.
The scientists used a bacterial culture containing a yogurt starter culture and Bifidobacterium to produce the experimental yogurts.
Bacterial culture, Gram stain, and latex agglutination (LA) were performed at sentinel hospital laboratories in Bangladesh and China for bacterial (i.
HA structure is identical irrespective of its source of origin, which could range from bacterial culture, animals or humans.
Of 386 children with a specimen collected for bacterial culture from a normally sterile site whose results were available, 153 (40%) had at least one bacterial coinfection.
Each bacterial culture was prepared and garlic added together in the fermentation tube.