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In 1999, the work was further expanded to cover histopathology, brain biomarkers, and skull and bacula morphometries and composition (Letcher et al., 2010; Sonne, 2010; Sonne et al., 2012).
The bacula of Thomasomys species exhibit substantial intrageneric differences in both size and structural details (Table 2; Figs.
Ceballos stressed that the Army's efforts to develop a harmonious relationship with the local government unit of Palapag, and in reaching out to the NPA rebels in the area, "was now bearing fruit, as manifested by Bacula's surrender."
In the outermost part of the valve, the baculate laminae are the thickest, and the length of bacula may reach over 100 [micro]m (Fig.
The three species have single-tipped bacula differing from the trilobed ones described for Ctenomys rionegrensis Langguth and Abella, 1970 in Uruguay and Argentina (Reig et al., 1966; Altuna and Lessa, 1985).
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The latter are primarily organic-rich layers in the shell, containing a large number of originally mineralized particles forming the bacula. This shell architecture should be considered as the primary shell structure type of the genus Ungula.
Pollen: thrum: spinulose, apertures 5-(6) (average 5.1), zonocolporate, colpus index 6.0, 43 [micron]m x 47 [micron]m, P/E=0.94, colpi 7 [micron]m x 2.5 [micron]m, exine 2.8 [micron]m in diam., tectum 0.4 [micron]m in diam., bacula 0.8 [micron]m in diam., nexine 1.5 [micron]m in diam., spinules 1.4 [micron]m long, 1.5 [micron]m in diam., ora 4.5 [micron]m long x 7.5 [micron]m wide [Hassler 7842 S!
In a Unex environment, open source backup such as Bacula ( makes for a high-quality, low-cost solution.
coerulea share pollen synapomorphies of irregularly spaced supratectal verrucae and stray free bacula on their aeriolate semitectate sexine.