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The bacula of Thomasomys species exhibit substantial intrageneric differences in both size and structural details (Table 2; Figs.
In the outermost part of the valve, the baculate laminae are the thickest, and the length of bacula may reach over 100 [micro]m (Fig.
According to the company, Bacula Enterprise Edition 6 is designed to safeguard enterprise architectures and cost effectively meets the requirements of physical, virtualised and cloud environments.
Customers can now benefit from enhanced production support subscriptions that include everything needed to deploy and host Bacula Systems backup and restore technologies.
All collected material including skins, skulls, lower jaws, bones, stomachs and bacula of male specimens were deposited at the College of Science, Aljouf University Zoological Collection in Sakaka, Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia.
For cranial and bacular measurements, the skulls and bacula were prepared and measured following Bates et al.
We appreciate the field assistance by a number of students from Purdue University, especially Tom Bacula, Andy Gima, and Nick Gzra, in the collection of fish assemblage information.
The most obvious ones are the presence-absence of a tectum, columella layer, and free-standing bacula.