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With the reduced competition for mates, you are less likely to need a baculum," Opie said.
Finally, we examine age-related interspecific and intraspecific variation of the baculum based on tooth-wear classes.
Structures such as penis and baculum are an important part of the mammalian reproductive system and they have been subject of several scientific studies (Patterson and Thaeler Junior, 1982; Bradley and Schmidly, 1987; Simson et al.
5] These are called baculum or os priapi, and their presence enables a male of the species to mate for an extended period of time with a female in the absence of well-developed erectile tissue.
However, the lack of a fecundity difference between the two treatment groups during the first 20 days of their reproductive period is consistent with a related species, the Vietnamese walking stick (Clitumnus extradentatus, now referred to as Baculum extradentatum), where unmated females laid just as many eggs as sexual females for the entire test period of 90 days (Bergerard 1958).
Ad baculum, Islamic state and Malaysian Chinese politics: A rhetorical study of selected Political advertisements in the local Chinese media during the 11th Malaysian general election campaign.
mass (McTaggart, 2002) and determined sex in the field based on the presence of a baculum during pelvic exam (Svendsen, 1980).
umbrinus), any of which could occur in the study area (Bergstrom and Hoffmann, 1991), the baculum of voucher specimens was excised and identified using morphological features (Lechleitner, 1969).
3) Given the dimensions of walrus bacula, one could not mistake them, but even in smaller mammals the baculum is distinctive and can be used to identify the original owner to species.
Historically, humans have drastically reduced their habitat and diminished their population by hunting them for food and products such as their baculum and claws.
Blessed are the bookmarks: (personal) envelopes, pencils and pens, an ermine's baculum, my father's/mother's expired driver's license, a scrap of a dead neighbor's ex libris on which I scribbled the word bibliothanatos, (historical) Mao had bookmarks produced featuring his sayings, "Be serious, be active," bamboo bookmarks from Nepal, cornhusks from Czechoslovakia, American bookmarks manufactured as advertisements for Heinz in the warty shapes of pickles.