bad influence

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He was not only useless as an officer and a bad influence amongst the men, but it was plain that at this rate he must soon kill himself outright, so nobody was much surprised, nor very sorry, when one dark night, with a head sea, he disappeared entirely and was seen no more.
He has a very bad influence over all his friends, with the single exception of myself."
After a few moments he said to him, "Have you really a very bad influence, Lord Henry?
Such things have a bad influence. They provoke worldly men into using light conversation concerning sacred subjects.
They always were a bad influence! And to think that the teacher had told me--and my mother, too!--`Beware of bad company!' That's what she said.
This is not much connected with Miss Isabella's affair: except that it urged me to resolve further on mounting vigilant guard, and doing my utmost to cheek the spread of such bad influence at the Grange: even though I should wake a domestic storm, by thwarting Mrs.
And the fact is, that a mind stupefied and animalized by every bad influence from the hour of birth, spending the whole of every week-day in unreflecting toil, cannot be done much with by a few hours on Sunday.
"The house, in my view, is expressive of that odious and abominable Past, with all its bad influences, against which I have just been declaiming.
Among all its bad influences, the black veil had the one desirable effect, of making its wearer a very efficient clergyman.
On the other hand, here come whole tribes of people whose physical lives are but a deteriorated variety of life, and themselves a meaner species of mankind; so sad an effect has been wrought by the tainted breath of cities, scanty and unwholesome food, destructive modes of labor, and the lack of those moral supports that might partially have counteracted such bad influences. Behold here a train of house painters, all afflicted with a peculiar sort of colic.
"At all events, Chancery will work none of its bad influences on US.
It was generally felt that, given a year or two of experience, introduced to good dressmakers, and preserved from bad influences, she would be an acquisition.